Digitally via chat, phone, video, email etc. In person at your place of business, a coffee shop, the beach, chairlift, etc. Let’s get together, I want to hear all about your business to get a feel for the challenges we need to solve.


We’ve met, digitally or in person, and talked about your business. That’s just the start. Now it’s my job to research all aspects of your industry and potential solutions to your unique problems. I’ll get back to you and discuss my findings.


We share an understanding of what your up against. Now I’ll draw up a detailed plan of how our project will proceed to set reasonable expectations for a timeline and deliverables.


The plan is set. I’ll create a document demonstrating wireframe layouts, user flows and in-context mockups outlining visual elements and the theories behind my choices.


Okay. You’ve given feedback and the design strategy feels good. I’ll bring the plan from concept to reality and build out the final product(s). 


Before taking the deliverables public we will have scrutinized them to ensure your satisfaction with every aspect. This is when we send materials to print or production, as well as moving your website to the live server, or graphics to your social platforms. 


I offer competitive pricing for fully managed high-speed web, e-commerce and email hosting with 100% scheduled up-time. Software updates are staged off-site and happen quickly during off peak hours. My servers are fully encrypted and operate on super fast SSD drives to minimize loading and delivery times.