Mike Barra is a project manager, designer, and web host. He specializes in taking a project from concept to launch through a series of well thought out development stages. The first step forming a deep understanding of the client’s operation, their challenges, specific needs, and areas of strength and weakness. Once the full picture is in focus, a highly detailed and organized strategy is drawn up and presented to the client. Whatever the medium, be it web design, social media branding, or various print and physical media, the effective communication and delivery of your message is top priority. Everything is a user interface, be it a web page or a business card, and that interface should fascilitate your audiences movement toward the desired goal. Mike will help you spread your message, sell more, reach more, build brand trust, and GROW.

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View my portfolio on Behance, where you can get a feel for the kind of projects I accept as well as my process.

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